Samantha L. Salden Teach

Samantha L. Salden Teach '02 and '08

Assistant Dean for Graduate Studies and Associate Teaching Professor


Prof. Samantha Salden Teach teaches design studio courses at the undergraduate level as well as courses in the history of urban form and sustainable design for both undergraduate and graduate students.   Her lectures, research and writing focus on the understanding of sustainable environments as an intricate and interdependent web of formal, constructional, climatic, economic and social factors.   In her courses, students address the language of architectural and urban form and the civic responsibility of the architect and designer in contemporary society.

In recent years, Prof. Salden Teach practiced as an associate and project manager in the esteemed firm of Historical Concepts in Atlanta.   While in Georgia, she was a founding board member of the Institute for Classical Architecture and Classical America (ICA&CA) Southeast Chapter, creating educational and networking opportunities for design professionals, students and craftsmen throughout the region.   Her work has been featured in  Architectural Digest  and  Dream Homes of Atlanta. She's also been honored for her teaching from Notre Dame's prestigious Kaneb Center.

Prof. Salden Teach holds a B.Arch. and a Masters of Architectural Design and Urbanism from the University of Notre Dame.

Educational Background

University of Notre Dame, Masters of Architectural Design and Urbanism, 2008

University of Notre Dame, Bachelor of Architecture, 2002

Recent Honors and Awards

The Dean's Award for Graduate Design Excellence, Notre Dame, IN, May 2008.

The Leon Battista Alberti Medal, Notre Dame, IN, May 2008.

The Kaneb Center Outstanding Graduate Student Teacher Award, Notre Dame, IN, May 2008.

The Shutze Award from the ICA&CA Southeast Chapter, Atlanta, GA, March 2008. For the Reames Residence in Atlanta, GA with Historical Concepts

General Services Administration (GSA) Architectural Peer Review Nominee, February, 2008.    Nominated to the group by Thomas Gordon Smith

Recent Lectures and Presentations

2009, September 25 Conference Paper Title: €Community Identity, Public Space and the Creation of Sustainable Environments € and work of the 2009 Bath Summer presented at  A VISION OF EUROPE: Triennale V. of Architecture & Urbanism, co-sponsored by the University of Ferrara, INTBAU, Council for European Urbanism and the Eco-Compact City Network.   Location: Quartiere Santo Stefano, Bologna, Italy.

Recent Academic and Professional Publications

Genius Loci and the City: A Proposal for Growth and the Expression of Identity  in Chaska, Minnesota, M.Arch.D.U. Thesis, May 2008

The Pool Pavilion at Delta Plantation (with Historical Concepts) featured in €Creative Reflections; Architects Realize Three Unique Visions for the Ultimate Pool Pavilion € by Joseph Giovannini,  Architectural Digest  65 no. 5 (May 2008): 252-255.

Master Plan for Cooperstown, Notre Dame Graduate Urban Design Studio featured in €The Once and Future Neighborhood € by John Nagy,  Notre Dame Magazine  36 no. 4 (Winter 2008): 20-27.

The Reames Residence in Atlanta, Georgia (with Historical Concepts) published in  Dream Homes of Atlanta  (Panache Publishing, Atlanta: 2007)

Current Academic, Public Service and Professional Memberships

Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU)

Institute of Classical Architecture & Art (ICAA)

International Network for Traditional Building, Architecture and Urbanism (INTBAU)

Recently Taught Courses

ARCH 21111 Design I

ARCH 21121 Sophomore Design Studio

ARCH 41111 Fourth Year Design Studio

ARCH 44111 Design Studio: Bath England

ARCH 53621 Nature and the Built Environment

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