The mission of the School of Architecture is to educate leaders in the classical architectural tradition and to address the critical issues facing the built environment through research, professional activity, and public service. The school aspires to be a leading voice in the academic, professional, and lay discussions about how people should live together (urbanism) and build (architecture), one that molds students to construct a future at once more humane, functional, and beautiful.

Architecture and urbanism do more than merely provide the shelter where we live; they shape the public and private realms and therefore the way in which we inhabit our planet and develop our cultures, economies, and futures.

The program’s pedagogy is based on the assumption that in the design of cities and towns, neighborhoods, homes, offices, and parks, architecture should reflect our highest aspirations.

The School of Architecture emphasizes the timely and timeless principles that encourage beauty, community, and sustainability. Using both the latest technology and time-tested techniques that were crucial to building practices before the Industrial Revolution, when sustainability was a necessity, the school has established itself as a major force in the modern green movement.

We are part of a continuum from the past to the future, honoring a grand legacy and carrying it forward with new ideas and technologies that preserve the built and natural environments.

Lessons learned from tradition continue to be relevant to resolving tomorrow’s problems. It is the inventive quality of tradition that allows each generation to shape the future in its own manner, and it is tradition’s projection of the past that provides the sense of stewardship that is required for sustainability. It is an inheritance at once local in scale, global in scope, and enduring in aspiration.