Diversity Initiatives

The School of Architecture seeks to engage both faculty and students, graduate and undergraduate, from a greater diversity of backgrounds and research interests. A wider perspective and range of experience both enhances the vibrancy of the School's own academic community and broadens and deepens the reach of its mission to promote built environments that are durable, useful, and beautiful, and which are supportive of strong communities.

The School's variety of approaches to work in, and study of, the built environment (historical, theoretical, practical, and scientific) prepares students to serve as stewards in numerous ways through the profession of architecture as well as allied disciplines and vocations such as law, economics, development, preservation, etc. The School of Architecture participates in the broader University diversity initiatives including work on the Diversity and Inclusion Oversight Committee and the University Committee on Women Faculty and Students as well highlighting increased diversity in its own hiring and admissions practices.

Please visit diversity.nd.edu to learn more about diversity at Notre Dame.