Paolo Vitti

Paolo Vitti

Adjunct Professor, Rome

Curriculum Vitae

Paolo Vitti is a practicing architect and historian of architecture with over thirty years of experience in areas of ancient and modern architecture, restoration of cultural heritage sites and museum design. He presently holds teaching appointments in Italian and American universities. His book on Roman Construction in the Peloponnese has received two major awards. He is author of over 60 articles on restoration, museology, history of architecture and ancient construction. Prof. Vitti is particularly interested to the use of traditional building techniques and their relationship with sustainable architecture.

Vitti has designed restoration projects and carried out research on many sites in Italy (Rome, Pompei, Pæstum, Buccino, Fratte, Suessula, Pontecagnano, Sybaris, Sorrento and Ancona), Greece (Crete, Lemnos, Acaia and Messenia), Turkey (Istambul, Iassos), Tunisia (Utica), Cyprus (Armenian Church, Archaeological site of the Old Municipality in Nicosia, Salamis) and,  Morocco. His work includes collaborations with national and international institutions, in both the academic and professional fields. He is currently working with UNDP in Palestine for the restoration of Maquam en Nabi Musa, a major Muslim religious place close to Jericho.  In the last year he has achieved a building with timbrel brick vault, experimenting the recovery of traditional workmanship in construction together with new architectural forms.
He is Board Member and Scientific Council of Europa Nostra, the pan European association for Cultural Heritage. He has been part of the international experts committee for the Charter for the Restoration of Byzantine heritage monuments (Thessaloniki Charter, 2018). He is researcher for the Italian School of Archaeology in Athens and member of the Scientific Council of the Annuario della Scuola archeologica Italiana di Atene e delle Missioni italiane in Oriente. From 2002 to 2015, tutor at the Course of Restoration of Monuments at the Sapienza University of Rome. Since 2010, at the University of Rochester “Italian Studies in Tuscany” program in Arezzo. At present, Visiting Associate Professor of Ancient Architecture at University of Rome Tre and Adjunct professor at the School of Architecture of Notre Dame University (Roman Global Gateway). In 2015, instructor of Cultural Heritage Management for the Specialization in Archaeology at the University of Padua. and in 2018 Visiting professor at the Specialization in Archaeology of the University of Salerno. In 2017/18 he held a course on Architectural Conservation for the Ministry of Culture of Morocco.

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