Lucien Steil

Lucien Steil

Associate Professor


Prof. Lucien Steil studied architecture and urbanism in Paris and Vincennes and graduated as an Architecte DPLG in 1980. He worked at the Archives d'Architecture Moderne in Brussels with Maurice Culot and Leon Krier until 1982. Between 1982 and 1986 he was practising in Luxembourg mostly on commissions for the Ministry of Public Works. A Visiting Critic at Oregon School of Design in Portland from 1986 to 1988 he returned set up a practice in Luxembourg until 1997 with Irish architect Colum Mulhern. The practice produced a wide range of projects in sustainable traditional urbanism and traditional architecture and won various awards in national and international urban competitions. From 1997 to 2007 Prof. Steil taught as a visiting professor at Prince of Wales' Urban Design Task Force in Potsdam and Berlin and with various universities including Oregon School of Design, University of Miami, Politechnical University of Puerto-Rico, University of Bologna, Universidade Catolica di Portogallo, and Universite de Luxembourg. He joined the Prince's Foundation in 2007 where he worked on research and projects of sustainable, traditional urbanism and architecture until 2008. Since 2007 he is lecturing on ecological planning and architecture with the Istituto Nazionale di Bioarchitettura (INBAR) in Italy and has been appointed as Scientific Director of the INBAR's Frosinone (Southern Lazio) section. Prof. Steil has been actively involved in the cause of sustainable, ecological, traditional urbanism and architecture for which he has both argued in newspapers, essays and lectures, and which has become very central to his teaching and design practice. He has been instrumental to the creation of Council for European Urbanism (CEU) and has been relentlessly networking between the U.S. and European professionals engaged in New Urbanism and Traditional Architecture. Since 2001 he has developed several websites (Katarxis) promoting ecological urbanism and sustainable architecture and has created an international non-profit organization to teach, implement and promote that purpose, Katarxis Urban Workshops ASBL.

Educational Background 

Universita di Bologna, 1994-1996, Doctoral Research Studies

Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux, UP6, Paris 1973-1980 (Architecte DPLG)

Institut Superieur d €™Urbanisme, Vincennes 1978

Registration Data

Registered in Luxembourg in 1980

Member of the Ordre des Architectes, Luxembourg, since 1980

Recent Research, Scholarships, and Creative Activity

Co-Edition with Ali Sagharchi of €New Palladians €, a selection of Contemporary Classicists, and Traditional Architects and Urbanists   to be published end of 2009 (Artmedia UK)

Co-Curator with Ali Sagharchi of €New Palladians €, an exhibition of Contemporary Classicists and Traditional architects and Urbanists to honour Palladio's 500th birthday/ Prince's Foundation and TAG (Traditional Architects Group/ RIBA), (London 2008)

Organization of CEU (Council for European Urbanism) Symposium €œWaterfront Developments € Lisbon 2007

Workshops, Lectures and post-professional Classes with the €œIstituto Nazionale di Bioarchitettura € in Florence, Lucca, Frosinone, etc. (2007-2009)

Organization of various International Urban Design Workshops in Luxembourg in the context of Luxembourg, European Capital of Culture 2007/ University of Luxembourg, Bauhaus, Technical University Delft, University College Dublin, University of Miami (Ohio), etc. (Luxembourg, 2007)

Urban Design Workshop with the University of Bologna: €Civitas & Universitas € in Esch-sur-Alzette, (Luxembourg, 2007)

Co-organizer and Curator of the Exhibition of the €New School of Viseu € exhibiting three years of work of this new school of traditional architecture and urbanism. (Viseu 2004)

Co-organizer of the CEU conference €Architectural Teaching in the Age of Globalism € at the Universidade Catolica Portuguesa in Viseu (Portugal), 2004

Co-organization of First Euro-Councils leading to the foundation of CEU (Bruges 2003/Stockholm 2003)  

Recent Publications

Co-Edition with Ali Sagharchi of €œNew Palladians €, a selection of Contemporary Classicists, and Traditional Architects and Urbanists   to be published end of 2009 (Artmedia UK)

Regular contribution of scientific articles and essays on architecture and urbanism in professional publications and books since 1985

Design, Edition and Publishing of various Websites and Web-Magazines, and Blogs: €Katarxis Nr.1/ Katarxis Nr.2/ Katarxis Nr.3 (2001-2004), etc.

Current Academic, Professional, Public Service and Professional Memberships

Lucien  has been collaborating regularly with INTBAU and the Princes Foundation in summer-schools, training courses, exhibitions and conferences since 2007
He has led several  sketching workshops at San Antonio in collaboration with the Institute of Classical Architecture, the University of Texas at San Antonio and the San Antonio College since 2012
Member of the 2014 Faculty Institute of the Center for Social Concerns
Member of Community Engagement Coordinating Council, University of Notre Dame
Fellow of the Liu Institute for Asia and Asian Studies
Lucien  published recently: "The Architectural Capriccio, Memory, Fantasy and Invention", Ashgate 2013
and co-authored with Alireza Sagharchi: "Traditional Architecture, Timeless Building for the 21st Century", Rizzoli International 2014
'On Imitation' American Arts Quarterly,  2014

Member of the INTBAU College of Traditional Practitioners (ICTP)

Board Member of CEU (Council of European Urbanism)

Member of TAG (Traditional Architects Group, RIBA)

Scientific Director of INBAR (Istituto Nazionale di Bioarchitettura)/ Frosinone (Lazio) section

President of €œKatarxis Urban Workshops €, a non-profit organization registered in Luxembourg

Senior Editor of Katarxis Publications

Visiting Professor at University of Notre Dame, University of Miami, University of Bologna,

Istituto Nazionale di Bioarchitettura

Recent Lectures

'Zen and the Art of Sketching' at the Princes Foundation, London, 2012
'The Architectural Capriccio' at the University of Texas at San Antonio, 2012
'Architecture or the Absence of Architecture' at Polytechnical University of Madrid, 2013
'On Cities and Rivers' at State Theater, South Bend, 2014
'A Better Culture of Building' at the Princes Foundation 2014
'Slow Urbanism and Urban Agriculture' at the Prince's Foundation, London,  2014
'On Perspective' at the Prince's Foundation, London, 2014
'Permanence and Change' at 'Jardins Efemeros', Viseu, Portugal, 2014

€Notes on Sustainable Architecture and Urbanism € Florence 2007/2008/2009

€Sustainable Building Systems and Materials € London 2008

€New Palladians in the Context of Climate Change and Globalization € Germany 2008

€Identity and Character Assessment in Architecture and Urbanism € Winchester 2007

Recently Taught Courses

ARCH 34012 Advanced Graphics: Hand drafting

ARCH 34022 Advanced Graphics: Watercolor

ARCH 34122 Design V

ARCH 34121 Design IV

ARCH 51111 Design VII

ARCH 53361 Modern Architectural Theory

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