Lorenzo Fei

Lorenzo Fei

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Rome


Curriculum Vitae

During his studies in architecture, Lorenzo Fei decided to become involved in issues related to the documentation and preservation of the built heritage. Over the years he discovered his passion for anthropogeography, the history of urban planning and, above all, traditional building techniques, especially those of the Roman environment. He obtained his Ph.D. at the University of Roma Tre, where he analyzed the historiographical, constructive and mechanical aspects of the wooden carpentry used in Roman monumental buildings, in particular in early Christian basilicas and in Baroque buildings. During his first research project, he worked on the documentation, through archival research and architectural surveys, of the damage caused by historical earthquakes in the city of Rome, producing unpublished cartography on the subject. During his post-doc, he participated in a research project focused on a mapping system of structural and decorative components found in Roman heritage buildings for the development of an HBiM platform useful for their documentation and preservation. Driven by a deep interest in the climatic and mechanical properties of natural binders, he then expanded his research and professional interests to include lime plasters, stuccos and mortars and their use in vaulted masonry structures of the Mediterranean, and especially Catalan, building tradition. In the meantime, he has had the opportunity to put his studies into practice by participating with interdisciplinary groups in competitions in historical contexts severely damaged by seismic events and by taking an active part in the restoration of listed buildings. He is currently an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of Notre Dame, where he teaches a course on European Building Cultures in the fall semester of the Master of Science in Historic Preservation program.

Areas of Expertise

  • Architectural History and Theory
  • Historic Preservation
  • Renaissance and the Baroque
  • Sacred Architecture
  • Sustainable Architecture and Urbanism
  • Urban design, history, and theory

Recently Taught Courses

European Building Cultures

Select Publications

Fei L, Formica G (2023) A predictive nonlinear 2D mechanical model for FEM analysis of Trait de Jupiter wooden joints. In: Pecchioli L (ed) Archaeoseismology - Methodologies and Case Studies. Springer Nature, Berlin, chapter 8, ISBN: 978-3-031-28302-4
Fei L (2022) “Per maggiore ornamento di questa Nostra Città”. Da Sant’Ignazio a Palazzo Montecitorio: progetto per una strada a doppio fondale. Storia dell’Urbanistica 14: 104-121
Fei L (2021) L’Atlante Dinamico e il rischio ambientale. Documentazione, caratterizzazione, progetto. Ricerche di Storia dell’Arte 134: 51-58, ISSN: 0392-7202, ISBN: 978-88-290-0886-5
Fei L, Angelucci F, Pugliano A (2020) Edilizia storica romana: cartografia dei danni in scala MCS causati dai terremoti storici. Strumento critico per la valutazione della vulnerabilità sismica. In: In Minutoli G (ed.), Proceedings of the International Symposium ReUSO. Restauro: temi contemporanei per un confronto dialettico, Firenze University Press, DIDA, pp.714-723. ISBN: ISBN 9788833381206
Fei L (2019) Experimentation of tools and methods for the organization of archival data in support of a ‘Dynamic Atlas’, useful for the knowledge and fruition of Rome. In: Gambardella C (ed), Proceedings of the XVII International Forum of Studies “Le Vie dei Mercanti”: WORLD HERITAGE and LEGACY, Naples – Capri, June 2019. Gangemi Editore, Roma, pp.993-1000, ISBN: 978-88-492-3752-8
Barberini M G, Fei L (2017) Arredo Urbano a Roma tra XVIII e XIX secolo attraverso alcuni disegni della Collezione Lanciani. Rivista dell’Istituto Nazionale di Archeologia e Storia dell’Arte 72, III S., XL: 109-155, ISSN: 0392-5285, E-ISSN: 2037-6634, ISBN: 978-88-3315-109-0
Fei L (2017) Sant’Ignazio a Roma. Ripristino filologico del telaio della cupola dipinta. Ricerche di Storia dell’Arte 122: 104-109, ISSN: 0392-7202, ISBN: 978-88-430-8707-5

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