2023 Urban Conservation Studio Project

Back to Better: An Urban Conservation and Regeneration Plan for South Bend's Near Northwest Neighborhood

During the spring semester of 2023 the inaugural Master of Science in Historical Preservation cohort conducted a project focused on the conservation of physical fabric, spatial patterns, and character, with guidance from Adjunct Assistant Professor of the Practice, Nick Rolinski. The course description highlights the goals of the studio, stating “the focus will be on traditional urban neighborhoods and their preservation in terms of physical fabric as well as with respect to social, economic, political, and cultural resilience and sustainability. The close interaction between architecture, urbanism, and historic preservation will be explored through student design proposals.” 

The student design proposal for the semester, “Back to Better: An Urban Conservation and Regeneration Plan for South Bend's Near Northwest Neighborhood”, engaged community members from the City of South Bend, Near Northwest Neighborhood, inc., and external stakeholders. The project vision statement, shaped by the concerns of the stakeholders, is as follows:

“This plan seeks to regenerate the Near Northwest Neighborhood guided by its rich historic character and diverse residents. Various housing types, tree-lined streets, and parks support neighbors present and future. A mix of uses draws neighbors from all corners to interact together. All are empowered to protect and enhance the community’s built and intangible heritage. The Near Northwest is a neighborhood of choice and a highly desirable, friendly place to connect with each other.”

The 2024 MSHP Cohort presented their project on May 3, 2023.

2023 Urban Conservation Studio Presenting


Mshp Spring 2023 Urban Conservation Studio Before