The Mission of the Notre Dame School of Architecture

The mission of the University of Notre Dame School of Architecture is to educate leaders who will design and build for future generations, cities and towns that are based on a foundation of conservation and investment rather than consumption and waste.

The School emphasizes classical and vernacular architecture within traditional urbanism; principles that encourage community, harmony with nature and economy of resources and energy. The School is part of a continuum from the past to the future, learning and inventing from it - carrying it forward with timeless ideals and cutting-edge technology. Around the world, regional and local traditional architecture and urbanism respect local climates, resources and culture with cities and buildings that are beautiful, enduring and do the least harm to the earth.  These values apply from the smallest towns to the greatest cities, establish civic identities with human scale and facilitate an efficient and satisfying way of life.

Great architecture cannot be a trendy fashion statement or momentary entertainment at the expense of the future.  It must be at once local in character, cosmopolitan in scope, and eternal in aspiration. 

Driehaus Prize

The Driehaus Prize has been presented annually since 2003 to architects representing various classic traditions, whose artistic impact reflects their commitment to cultural and environmental conservation.

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