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Kim Rollings, PhD

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Curriculum Vitae

Kim Rollings, an architect by training, is an educator and researcher interested in systematically examining how the design of the physical environment affects mental and physical health across multiple scales.   She studies influences of built and natural environments (e.g., floor plan arrangement, ceiling height, window size, building condition, street connectivity, land use mix, density, proximity to nature) on health outcomes such as dietary intake, physical activity, stress, anxiety, and depression.   Additionally, Dr. Rollings develops environmental assessment tools for architects, researchers, and other practitioners to quantify attributes of the physical environment related to health and sustainability outcomes, especially among vulnerable populations (low-income, children, aging, mentally and physically impaired).   Results of this work inform the design process, architectural programming, city planning, policy, and design guidelines with the goal of establishing healthy, socially responsible, and sustainable buildings and cities.

Kim Rollings CV

Current Projects

  • The effects of housing and neighborhood design on low-income rural and urban children's mental health over time
  • School cafeteria assessment and design guidelines relevant to students' meal choices, diet, and cafeteria design
  • Developing design guidelines for community centers serving adults with serious mental illness

Current Interests

  • Environmental assessment related to human health and sustainability across multiple environmental scales
  • Home, school, and neighborhood environments
  • Sustainability implications of the effects of the physical environment on health
  • Comparing health effects of traditional versus contemporary building and urban design approaches
  • Community-based design, teaching, and research for special populations (e.g., low-income, children, aging, mentally and/or physically impaired)
  • Research methods and Geographic Information Systems (GIS )

Prof. Rollings holds a Ph.D. in Human Behavior and Design from Cornell University (Design and Environmental Analysis, 2013), an M.S. in Applied Research in Human-Environment Relations from Cornell University (Design and Environmental Analysis, 2010), and a B.Arch. from the University of Notre Dame (School of Architecture, 2003).  

Areas of Expertise

  • Built Environment and Health
  • Environmental Psychology
  • Residential Design
  • Sustainable Architecture and Urbanism
  • Urban Design

Recently Taught Courses

ARCH 41121-02 Design VI, Fourth Year Healthy Places & Spaces Studio

ARCH 21111 Sophomore Design Studio

ARCH 40312 Social Factors & Sustainability: Effects of the Built Environment on Health

ARCH 57213 Research Assistance: Architecture, Health and Sustainability

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