Information for Transfers

Transfer Application Details

The School of Architecture is accepting transfer students to enter in their sophomore year. If interested in applying, please initiate the application through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions

Application Deadlines

Fall Semester

  • Application Due: March 15
  • Decision Letter Sent: June 1 - July 1
  • Confirmation and Deposit Due: July 10

Academic Requirements and Portfolio Submission

As a candidate for transfer to Notre Dame, please first review the guidelines outlined by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.  If applying for transfer to the School of Architecture, a student must be intending to enter the sophomore year.  The student must have 27 transferable credit hours (preferably 30), including 6 credits of calculus, 6 credits in English, composition, or literature, and at least 3 science credits (preferably 6 credits, with 3 being in physics).  An application is strengthened if the candidate has taken one course in art theory, architectural theory, or the philosophy of art.  By University policy, no course transfers without a grade of “B” or better.

Portfolio Content

For students applying for transfer into the University, a portfolio is much more important than for a high school student applying for First Year of Studies admission.  A candidate for transfer must submit a portfolio, and it should demonstrate readiness for Sophomore Studio courses.  Please submit work that exhibits your abilities in freehand drawing (both pencil and ink), and hand drafting, both as line drawing and color rendered drawing (preferably watercolor).  Breadth of subject and media strengthens the portfolio as does having some work in black and white, and some in color.

Notre Dame accepts the portfolio only by an electronic submission through the service SlideRoom. The Undergraduate Admissions application site,, gives you access to the application and the link to submit the portfolio via SlideRoom. The SlideRoom function will accept up to 24 images for transfer applicants.

Provide a brief caption for each piece stating:

  • The title (if any)
  • The medium
  • The original size
  • The date (either the calendar date “March 2012,” or the year of school, "Freshman Year," etc.)
  • Course the piece was assigned for (if applicable)
  • Conditions of drawing: "drawn from life," "drawn from a photograph," "drawn from imagination," etc.