Sophomore Supply List

The following is a list of supplies intended to aid those who wish to purchase items prior to the start of the sophomore year. (These supplies are not needed by incoming freshmen.) Each sophomore student is provided with a desk. The items below are needed for drafting on the desk. Students continue to use these supplies in subsequent studio courses at Notre Dame. This list is not all-inclusive. Projects will be assigned requiring the use of different media.

Drafting Equipment

  • 42" Mayline parallel straightedge (with wire and hardware).
  • Borco board cover.
  • Four C-clamps.
  • Plywood board (to attach to the Mayline).
  • Lead Holder (a spare is helpful).
  • Lead: H, 2H, 4H and 6H are recommended. (Lead is sold in packs of 12 sticks).
  • Lead Pointer (sharpener).
  • Fine-tipped Markers of various line thickness. Micron pens are very popular.
  • Triangular Scales: both engineering and architectural.
  • Drafting Brush.
  • Drafting Tape or Dots.
  • Rolls of Trace Paper: 12” and/or 18” rolls.
  • Triangles: 30/60 and 45 degrees. Triangles are available in different sizes. They are also available with an inking edge, which is helpful when drafting with technical pens.
  • Adjustable Triangle.
  • Circle and Ellipse Templates.
  • Compass: extension kits and pen holder attachments make things much easier, but are not necessary to start.
  • Dividers: used for proportional measuring.
  • Erasers: white Staedtler eraser (or similar) and a kneaded eraser.
  • Erasing Shield.
  • Lamp: make sure that it includes hardware to attach to desk.

Additional Items

  • French Curves or an Adjustable Curve.
  • Sandpaper blocks: used to sharpen leads placed in a compass (or for creating a chisel edge on a lead pointer).
  • Lettering guide.
  • Dry cleaning pad: “bag” full of eraser bits that prevents lead smudges.
  • Exacto knife, with extra blades (#11 or similar).
  • Metal straightedge: look for one with a cork backing.
  • Staple gun and extra staples: for stretching all of those watercolor plates.

Some helpful online sites to shop are UtrechtPitsco Drafting, and Dick Blick.