Skaneateles (2010)

The School of Architecture received top honors from the 11th annual Congress for the New Urbanism Charter Awards for the urban-design studio master plan "Strategies for Sustainable Skaneateles."  In the academic competition, the studio project led by Professor Philip Bess received the grand prize. The team of six graduate students will receive $1,000 from The Oram Foundation Inc.: Fund for the Environment and Urban Life.  Strategies for Sustainable Skaneateles is the product of work commissioned jointly by the Town of Skaneateles and the Village of Skaneateles in the fall of 2010, and executed between September and early December of 2010 as an academic exercise by graduate architecture and urban design students from the University of Notre Dame. Its major premise is that the rural character of the Town and the traditional urban character of the Village are connected historically, and must continue to be connected in the future if each are to retain their respective rural and traditional urban characters. 

Strategies for Sustainable Skaneateles (42 MB pdf)