Summer Program: Looking East

Author: School of Architecture

From June 19 - July 3, 2010, the School of Architecture will sponsor its fourth biannual summer-school program in China. (Last year's trip was canceled due to the H1N1 outbreak and the Chinese quarantine of U.S. visitors.). Undergraduates entering their fourth and fifth years, and graduate students are encouraged to attend. Non-Notre Dame architecture students are welcome as well.

The program will explore China’s past and present practices in urban development, green architecture and environmental planning. Through the study of architectural traditions and their influence on high-quality modern urban living, the program will examine how Chinese architects and planners have responded to evolving social demands compared to their counterparts in the West. New construction also will be studied to learn how Chinese architecture reflects its heritage even as it evolves. This program, run in partnership with Nanjing University, explores how China’s architectural sphere has and will continue to extend across East Asia and the world at large. 
It is led by Dean Michael Lykoudis and Professor Zhao Chen, University of Nanjing School of Architecture. Three University of Notre Dame credit hours offered. Stops in China include Shanghai, Tongli, Suzhou, Nanjing, Pingyao and Beijing.