School of Architecture sponsors third annual Accessibility Awareness Day

Author: School of Architecture

Raising awareness about the challenges faced by people with physical disabilities and increasing architecture students’ awareness of accessible design in the context of daily student life on the University of Notre Dame campus is the purpose of the third annual Accessibility Awareness Day on Friday (Aug. 27). 

Sponsored by the Notre Dame School of Architecture, with the support of the Office of the University Architect and Notre Dame Disability Services, the day-long program is a component of the University’s commitment to accessibility. 

Senior architecture students will be divided into three groups: one with crutches, one with wheelchairs, and one with blindfolds and canes. They will navigate the campus and participate in various day-to-day activities such as riding the shuttle, attending class, and using public restrooms. The day will conclude with a lecture on designing for compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). 

“Accessibility Awareness Day is intended is to make architecture students aware of the barriers that people with disabilities can face while distinguishing between Universal Accessible Design and minimum building and accessibility code requirements,” says Doug Marsh, associate vice president and University architect.