School of Architecture Sponsors Accessibility Awareness Event

Author: Ashley Johnston

This Friday, September 12th, the School of Architecture and the Office for Students with Disabilities will be holding our annual Accessibility Awareness Event for all fourth year undergraduate architecture students and first year Path C graduate architecture students.
The purpose of this event is to give the students an opportunity to experience a day on campus with different physical challenges. This experience will be beneficial for the students as they incorporate accessibility features into their design projects, and will also be useful for the University as the students will be able to articulate the areas of campus that are well designed for accessibility, and those areas where access is limited.
The students will be split into groups of their own choosing; each group being given crutches, wheelchairs, and blindfolds. Students will rotate through the aides, making sure that they experience each of the challenges and provide assistance to those with the blindfolds and crutches. The students will go about their normal daily and academic activities, as well as try to accomplish the list of tasks below. 
  • Experience ramps and stairs using wheelchairs and crutches
  • Go to and from a dorm room
  • Go to the library to check out a book
  • Go to the chapel in a dorm
  • Go to class
  • Find and use a public restroom
  • Go to the dining hall for lunch
Accessibility Day is led by School of Architecture Professors Bill Ponko and Kimberly Rollings, Mike Daly and Pamela James from the University Architect's Office, and Scott Howland from the Office for Students with Disabilities.