Palladio would be pleased

Author: School of Architecture

Braulio Casas Architects, P. A. has received a 2010 Palladio Award for a Residential Project in Seaside, Florida. They won in the category for new residences of less than 5,000 square feet. Several Notre Dame graduates worked on this project, including Braulio 'Leo' Casas, B.Arch '94, M.Arch '96; AJ Remen B.Arch '06; Brad Devendorf, B.Arch '07; Daniel Bertao, B. Arch '08. (Brad is currently working on a Master’s degree in architecture here at Notre Dame.)

Braulio Casas_Palladio award_1

The Palladio Awards Program, named in honor of Andrea Palladio, was designed to honor outstanding achievement in traditional design. The program recognizes individual designers or design teams whose work enhances the beauty and humane qualities of the built environment through creative interpretation or adaptation of design principles developed through 2,500 years of the Western architectural tradition.

The judges applied the same criteria that Palladio used in his own work: The projects selected met all the functional needs of contemporary usage while applying lessons learned from previous generations to create beauty in the built environment. Among the factors that the judges evaluated were refinement and appropriateness of the design, suitability of design in relation to the program and the project's context, appropriate selection and use of materials, quality of construction and craftsmanship, and overall design excellence.