Introducing The Montana Society

Author: School of Architecture

In an effort to connect Notre Dame Alumni within architecture and the arts, building trades, real-estate development and building industry, a group of architecture alumni have recently founded The Montana Society. Named in honor of Rome Studies Program founder and longtime School of Architecture Chair Francesco Montana, the Society seeks to organize ND alumni who are practicing architects, and those who support the causes of traditional and classical architecture and urban design.

The Society also hopes to create opportunities for current students to interact with alumni working in their areas of interest and opportunities for alumni to connect with one another as mentors. It will sponsor periodic events at reunions and other University gatherings. The Society’s first official event will be at the 2011 Architecture Alumni Weekend on campus September 2-3, 2011. The Society is also seeking to develop contact information for each graduating class. If you are interested in serving as class representative, please contact Sean Nohelty ND '97.