Foundations for the Future

Author: School of Architecture

Classes and activities for 450 children began this summer at the Academy of Kyeitabya, the ninth Building Tomorrow academy in Uganda, a collaboration between School of Architecture students and members of the Kyeitabya community. In 2009 and 2010, architecture students designed the academy and they began construction in May 2010. The generosity of School of Architecture advisory council members Matt and Joyce Walsh supports the Kyeitabya academy, which is the second with Notre Dame connections, joining the BT Academy of Sentigi. 

Building Tomorrow Kyeitabya

The academy was built using newly-adopted interlocking stabilized soil blocks, an affordable and environmentally sustainable alternative to fired bricks, made from on-site soil stabilized with cement. The design reflects traditional sub-Saharan Africa architecture. Solar angles and natural ventilation were incorporated through dividing the school into two wings, allowing for cross ventilation through the courtyard, and more simple and efficient roof construction and water collection.