Food for thought

Author: School of Architecture

Jana Vandergoot, B.Arch ’01, received the Reiger Graham Prize offered by the Institute of Classical Architecture and Classical America in partnership with the American Academy in Rome, to support a three–month fellowship at the American Academy in Rome. Vandergoot will study the symbiosis between Classical Roman architecture and ancient food trade networks. In particular, she is interested the architecture of the Forum Boarium, the Markets of Trajan, and the Theater of Pompey, near the present-day Campo dei Fiori.

“For millennia classical Roman architecture has afforded humans an intimate connection to a landscape of food exchange and flowing water,”  Vandergoot  says, “Important lessons can be gleaned from ancient Roman structures that celebrate Vitruvian ideals of utility, strength, and beauty, and convey ideas regarding food and infrastructure systems from one generation to the next.”