Debby Webb honored with the Orlando T. Maione Award

Author: School of Architecture

Recently retired architecture library branch supervisor Debby Webb received the 2012 Orlando T. Maione Award for distinguished contributions to the School of Architecture.

Before retiring in March, Webb had been a constant presence in the Notre Dame Hesburgh libraries for nearly 25 years.

Webb started at the Architecture library in February 1994. She supervised the Architecture library collection’s transition to the main Hesburgh Library in 1995 when the School underwent a major renovation, and back to the School when it was dedicated as Bond Hall in 1997. During those two years, Webb acted as the head of the Architecture library. 

As Branch Supervisor, Webb assisted the head Architecture librarians, hired and supported student workers, assisted the faculty, and supervised the library staff. She is enjoying her retirement by gardening, cooking, reading books, and spending time outside.