Build to last

Author: School of Architecture

Professor Ettore Maria Mazzola, who teaches in the Rome Program, has published a new book, The Sustainable City is Possible: A Possible Strategy for Recovering Urban Quality and Local Economies. He lays out a practical strategy for making our cities more sustainable, recovering the quality of our urban centers, and improving local economies.

He details how traditional housing in Italy actually costs 16-40 percent less than contemporary housing. To underscore the point, he notes that building with durable materials—the buildings of Barbatella and San Saba’s Roman quarters, for example—have not yet needed major renovations because they were built using traditional techniques.

Published through Gangemi Editore in Italy, the book is now available in the United States through International Publishers Marketing .

Mazzola has authored many books, essays, and articles on architecture and urbanism. He graduated from the Universita di Roma and qualified as an architect at the Universita Federico II in Naples. His expertise includes architectural restoration and urban design.