Architecture Students Honored by the Institute of Classical Architecture and Art

Author: Rosalyn Wells

2017 Acanthus Awards

The School is pleased to announce that three Notre Dame architecture students and one alumnus were honored at the 2017 Institute of Classical Architecture and Art Acanthus Awards ceremony on November 18, 2017.  This year Brian Mork ‘13 was honored as the 2017 Architecture Fellow, while Kate Chambers, Ellen Chen and Alexander Preudhomme each accepted a student award for their design work.

During the ceremony, the Chicago-Midwest Chapter of the ICAA and Luminarts Cultural Foundation recognized Brian Mork ‘13 as the 2017 Luminarts Cultural Foundation Architecture Fellow which comes with a $5000 award and invitations to attend all Chicago-Midwest ICAA events over the next year.

The Chicago-Midwest Chapter of the ICAA presents Acanthus Awards to design professionals, students and alumni for excellent classical design work completed while practicing in the Midwest or focused on a specific area within the Midwestern region.  The ICAA offers awards for outstanding work in architecture, interior design, preservation & restoration, landscape design, the allied arts & craftsmanship, unbuilt work and student work.

Learn more about the award winning projects below

Kathleen Chambers
Damascus Center for Peace & Religion Studies

Chambers 1

Project Description
This proposal is for a Center for Peace and Religion Studies cited in the Old City of Damascus, Syria; the foundation of the design is the traditional Damascene courtyard building. One of the goals of the proposal was to engage in a rich architectural tradition that, until last Spring, I was unfamiliar with. The design process gave me the opportunity to learn about the character and forms of Syrian architecture while applying the universal design principles that Notre Dame teaches.

Jury Citation
The overall presentation of this submission is compelling and the student’s use of scale is quite beautiful.  The jury appreciated the use of the Ablaq masonry enhancing the architectural strength of the structure and found the use of Syrian motifs very impressive.  The cross section of the elevation is beautifully rendered and the use of light and shadow bring the project alive.  The jury was impressed with the way the student infused architecture with Syrian traditions all very appropriate to the location.

Ellen Chen and Alexander Preudhomme
Advisor:  Kim Rollings
Classicism and Community:  A Permanent Supportive Housing Proposal for South Bend, IN

Cp 1

Project Description
Modern development of social housing projects tend to cause disruption in the neighborhoods they are built in. Often ignoring context, these projects negatively affect the overall sense of safety and economic stability within their communities. These projects also tend to ignore the urban environment and are not always built with the core interests of the tenants in mind. By rethinking the role of social housing, we offer a solution that seeks to positively build a community by creating a civic center for social and economic growth. 

Jury Citation
The jury found this student submission to be outstanding with renderings that are charming and engaging.  The watercolor techniques are superb and the architecture is both thoughtful and well-conceived.  The use of shadow and light and massing of structure is most commendable.  The jury commented they wished all permanent supportive housing would look like this!