Architecture Professor Named One of Notre Dame's 2014 Featured Faculty

Author: Ashley Johnston


On August 30th, Professor and Associate Dean and Director of Undergraduate Studies John Stamper was honored as one of Notre Dame's 2014 Featured Faculty. Professor Stamper was recognized during the second half of the Rice football game, and enjoyed the third quarter from the Notre Dame sideline.

Here's what Professor Stamper had to say about Notre Dame and the School of Architecture:

"Notre Dame’s School of Architecture has provided me with wonderful research opportunities, both on and near campus and abroad.
I taught for a number of years in the school’s Rome Studies Program, which is based in the heart of the historic city. Living in the midst of some of the world’s most famous Renaissance and Baroque buildings, I had easy access to the great libraries of the Vatican and the American Academy.
At home in South Bend, I have carried on my research in Notre Dame’s Hesburgh Library and the school’s remarkable Ryan Rare Book Room. The latter contains rare editions of Vitruvius, Alberti, and Palladio as well as essential books on early American architecture.
Only 90 miles away in Chicago are the Ryerson & Burnham Libraries at the Art Institute and the Chicago History Museum, not to mention countless buildings designed by preeminent architects of the past 150 years, offering a world-class laboratory for studying the history of modern architecture.
Of course, it’s not just access to libraries and cities that makes Notre Dame a great place; it’s also the ability we have to interact with our peers. In addition to our own outstanding faculty in the School of Architecture, we attract a number of leading architects, critics, and historians through our lecture series, symposia, and invited juries. Likewise, the opportunity to discuss ideas with and ask questions of other professors at Notre Dame who work in allied fields—such as archaeology, anthropology, and art history, to name a few—spurs interdisciplinary research that leads to new levels of knowledge." - John Stamper, Professor of Architecture, Associate Dean and Director of Undergraduate Studies in the School of Architecture