Amico, longtime professor and former chair, retires

Author: School of Architecture

Former University of Notre Dame School of Architecture chair and longtime professor Robert Amico retired at the end of the academic year. Amico, the 2010 recipient Orlando T. Maione Award for distinguished contributions to the School of Architecture, spent 32 years at Notre Dame, including 12 as the department chair. 

“The one aspect of Notre Dame that had constantly stood out in my mind and my work, and one that I consistently brag about, is the quality of its students. They have been an important part of my life, and it has been an honor to have been associated with them,” Amico says. “The quality of the students is critical to the quality of the School and its programs. Their contributions significantly influence the value of these programs, and subsequently the value of the degrees conferred by the University.” 

Amico asks that if anyone would like to contact him in the future, to please write him at P.O. Box 770, Notre Dame, IN 46556.