A rush job

Author: School of Architecture

In the live design competition at the Traditional Building Conference in Baltimore last October, Nicole Davis, Dan Hackett, and Anne Barker, all B.Arch '09, entered as "Team Notre Dame Graduates." It was a fast-paced project, with only a 15- hour window to design a historic row house in the Fells Point area of Baltimore. Team Notre Dame's design won first place and will be published in a forthcoming issue of New Old House Magazine. 

The project called for a proposal for a traditional three-story row house that would complement the architectural and cultural characteristics of the historic Fells Point. The design program outlined a 32' x 90' site with a 30' setback in the rear for a yard/garden. The ground floor was to be commercial or retail with a maximum of four residential units above. 

"While it may sound intense, we joked that we had ample experience from all those late nights and all-nighters during school," Dan Hackett said. "Our ability to produce a quality design and renderings in such a short amount of time was easily a product of our classical background and training from Notre Dame. I believe we surprised ourselves, and others, with our abilities, and are very excited to have won first place."