2022 Nortman Lecture by Marc Jordi, "Urban Design, Architecture and Historic Preservation


Location: 109 Walsh Family Hall of Architecture

Marc Jord is a sculptor and architect from Jordi Keller Architekten, speaking as part of the Nortman Lecture Series and the School of Architecture's Urbanism and Architecture: A New German Synthesis series.
The focus of Jordi Keller Architekten is on building history studies in the context of urban planning assessments and new building projects, especially in the sensitive areas of historic city centers and archaeological excavation sites. They concentrate their work on planning and assistance in the creation of building tasks for culture, refurbishment, and extension of existing buildings, as well as concept, design, and execution of exhibitions.
Since 2012, Jordi and Keller have been the chief architects for the preservation of the medieval episcopal church of St. Marien in Berlin. Marc will give a lecture about recent urban design projects and historic preservation. He will use selected projects to illustrate the inseparable connection between urban design and architecture. His work demonstrates the process of contemporary practice with a strong narrative relation to history architecture, urban design and building techniques.
Registration is required to virtually attend this lecture and is available at the Zoom event Urban Design, Architecture and Historic Preservation.