Yannis Tsarouchis and His Contemporaries: Body, Building, and Landscape


Location: Zoom - Live Virtual Event

Tsarouchis Event

Please join us for a concluding virtual discussion that expands on questions raised in the critically acclaimed exhibition Yannis Tsarouchis: Dancing in Real Life.

Although Yannis Tsarouchis was twenty years younger than architect Dimitris Pikionis, we know from anecdotal sources that they mutually admired each other. Since both were born in Piraeus, they shared a certain level of geographic familiarity along with cultural affinities. Let’s imagine that these two colleagues took a late-afternoon walk along the meandering pathway leading to the Acropolis soon after Pikionis completed this subtle masterpiece in 1957 but before Tsarouchis began his self-exile in Paris in 1967 (after the military junta had seized power in Greece). What might be the focus of their conversation?

One plausible point of discussion might be their common interest in the possibility that folk art and buildings provide inspiration for a Greek modernity that is simultaneously connected to the local as well as to the broader world.

Our program on Thursday at 11:30 CST (12:30 PM EST) brings together a series of experts who speculate on this imaginary stroll while offering a series of historically-informed responses to these questions. In order to better visualize the physical context that shaped Tsarouchis’s life and work, the program features a filmed tour through his home and studio in the Marousi neighborhood of Athens; this tour includes an interview with Niki Gripari, the President of the Tsarouchis Foundation. In addition to the film, Michelangelo Sabatino, Professor of Architectural History in the College of Architecture at Illinois Institute of Technology, will introduce the presenting panelists which include the exhibition’s co-curator Adam Szymczyk, artist and architect Andreas Angelidakis, and professor and architect Michael Lykoudis concluding with a Q&A session.

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Presented by WRIGHTWOOD 659, co-sponsored by The University of Notre Dame School of Architecture