The Mausoleum of Hadrian (Castel Sant'Angelo). A new architectural reconstruction. | A Lecture from Professor Paolo Vitti


Location: Zoom

The lecture presents a new architectural analysis on the Mausoleum of Hadrian in Rome, whose internal distribution and exterior appearance has remained an enigma for Roman architecture scholars. The research was prepared on occasion of the exhibition "Apoteosi. Da uomini a dei" that was held in Rome in 2014. The new reconstruction is based on firsthand information that came out after a detailed analysis of the remains that are preserved within the present day Castel Sant'Angelo. Based on the study it is possible to estimate that nearly 80% of the original masonry survives, but is mostly concealed beneath later additions and transformations. Important additions to our understanding of the Mausoleum include the original architectural layout, the concept of the construction and the itinerary necessary to reach the top of the mausoleum, all issues hitherto unresolved. Further to this the author will expose a structure failure which occurred at the start of the construction, and the most unique evidence of the action undertaken to identify and solve the structural problem.

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