The Issue of Value in Urban Development: The empiric argument for the urban experience | A Lecture from Joe Minicozzi



Joeminicozzi Headshot 3

Joe Minicozzi, is an urban designer who founded the consulting firm Urban3 to help communities understand the economic potency of urbanism and well-designed cities. Joe’s work has been featured in numerous journals and at international conferences. He will present economic demonstrations of the policies that work against community resilience and sound environmental development practices. In a sense, he will show you the money in tax policy that rewards destructive carbon consumptive sprawl. In addition to national examples, he will focus on the results of the South Bend study.  Additionally, he will share their recent analysis quantifying the economic impact of Redlining, as well as contemporary tax policies that address inequality. This thought-provoking presentation will provide tools and data to support community resilience from an economic, equity, design, and planning perspective.

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