Path To The Future: Heritage as a Development Strategy Lecture by Vincent Michael


Location: 104 Bond Hall

Vincent Michael, Executive Director of the San Antonio Conservation Society will be on campus to discuss heritage as a development strategy.

Vincent L. Michael, Ph. D. has spent over three decades as a heritage manager, advocate, consultant and thought leader.  He is Executive Director of the San Antonio Conservation Society in San Antonio, Texas. Previously he was Executive Director of the Global Heritage Fund (GHF) in Palo Alto, California, helping preserve World Heritage Sites through community development.  As Trustee of the National Trust for Historic Preservation (2006-2015) he served as Chair of the Historic Sites Fund Subcommittee and Vice Chair of the Diversity Task Force.  He is also on the Board of the Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy.  He has worked in the field of heritage development, tourism planning, community planning, historic architecture, education and design in a wide variety of capacities and is a sought-after lecturer, tour guide and expert. 

Rsz Vincent Michael