John W. Stamper

John W. Stamper, PhD, AIA

Associate Dean and Professor


Prof. Stamper, an architect and architectural historian, came to Notre Dame in 1984. He teaches architectural history for the sophomore survey and he teaches design in the fourth- and fifth-year studios. He served as Director of the Rome Studies Program from 1990 to 1999, and he has been a recipient of the Kaneb Award for outstanding teaching in the undergraduate program. He received his Bachelor's and Master's degrees in architecture from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana, and a Master's degree in Art History from the Williams College and Clark Art Institute graduate program. After working as an architect in South Bend and Chicago, he earned a Ph.D. in architectural history at Northwestern University, where he studied with David Van Zanten and Carl Condit. His dissertation topic was published as the book  Chicago's North Michigan Avenue: Planning and Development 1900-1930  (University of Chicago Press, 1989). Recently Prof. Stamper has been researching and lecturing on topics related to ancient Roman architecture, especially the Arch of Constantine and the Temple of Capitoline Jupiter. In 2005 he published the book  The Architecture of Roman Temples: The Republic to the Middle Empire  (Cambridge University Press), which proposes a new interpretation of the archaeological evidence of the Temple of Capitoline Jupiter and argues for a new understanding of its role as an architectural precedent for later Roman temple design.

Educational Background

Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, Ph.D. Art History, 1981-85.

Williams College, Williamstown, Massachusetts, M.A. Art History, 1975-77.

University of Illinois, Urbana, Illinois, M.Arch., 1973-75; B.S. Architectural Studies, 1969-73.

Ecoles d'Art Americaines, Fontainebleau, France, Summer School, 1974.

Registration Data

Architectural License: Illinois

Recent Honors and Awards

Kaneb Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching, University of Notre Dame, 2002.
Research Grant from the Hagley and Winterthur Libraries, Wilmington, Delaware,
for  Architecture of the Nineteenth-Century World's Fairs, 1989.

Publication Grant from the J. Paul Getty Trust and the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts for Central;  Papers on Architecture  (with Norman Crowe), 1987.

Dissertation Year Fellowship, 1984, Northwestern University.

President's Graduate Fellowship, 1981, Northwestern University.

Recent Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity

"Philadelphia's Centennial Exhibition: The Influence of Vienna's Ringstrasse," at the
Annual Meeting of the College Art Association, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, February 21, 2002.

"Beyond the Capitoline: The Temple of Jupiter Maximus and the Authority of Precedent," Annual Meeting of the Society of Architectural Historians, Houston, Texas, April 16, 1999.

"Notre Dame's School of Architecture: Its International Presence," University of Notre Dame School of Architecture Centennial Celebration, Notre Dame, Indiana, March 27, 1999.

"Schinkel and the New Classicists," Prince of Wales Institute Task Force, Berlin, Germany, September 6, 1997.

"Six Architectural Memos for the Next Millennium," 1994 European Conference of the
Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture, London, England, May 26, 1994.

"Building Classical: The Role of the Notre Dame School of Architecture," Symposium,
A Vision of Europe: Building Classical for the City of the Year 2000, British Council,
Bologna, Italy, January 19, 1994.

Recent Publications

"The Architecture of Roman Temples" (New York: Cambridge University Press, 2005), 287 pp.

"Making the Mile Magnificent,"  Chicago History  30 (Fall 2001), pp. 4-21.

"The Galerie des Machines of the 1889 Paris World's Fair,"  Technology and Culture  30
(April 1989), pp. 332-353. Republished in Robert Thorne, ed.

Structural Iron and Steel, 1850-1900: Studies in the History of Civil Engineering (London: Ashgate Publishers, 2000).

"The Temple of Capitoline Jupiter: A New Reconstruction", Hephaistos: New Approaches in Classical Archaeology and Related Fields  16/17 (1998-99): 107-138.

"University of Notre Dame School of Architecture," 14 Schools of Architecture, ed. Davide Vitale (Rome: Association of American College and University Programs in Italy, 1999).

"Between Two Centuries: A History of the School, 1898-1998," in  100 Years of Architecture at Notre Dame: A History of the School of Architecture, 1898-1998, ed. Jane Devine (Notre Dame: University of Notre Dame School of Architecture, 1999), pp. 1-23.

"The Critics of Classicism,"  The Classicist   4 (1997), pp. 17-24.

"University of Notre Dame: Programma di studi,"  Metamorfosi: quaderni di architettura  24 (1995), pp. 41-46.

"Structure of the Galerie des Machines, Paris, 1889," co-authored with Robert Mark,  History and Technology  10 (1993), pp. 127-138.

Chicago's North Michigan Avenue: Planning and Development, 1900-1930  (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1992), 318 pp. (Received Book Award from the Illinois State Historical Society in 1992).

Current Academic, Professional, Public Service and Professional Memberships

Society of Architectural Historians

American Institute of Architects

Recently Taught Courses

ARCH 20211 Architectural History I, Ancient to Gothic
ARCH 51111 Fifth-year Design Studio
ARCH 51121 Fifth-year Thesis
ARCH 53411 History of American Architecture
ARCH 81161 Graduate Terminal Design Project

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