First Year Students

Welcome to the School of Architecture! We look forward to seeing you in Walsh Family Hall in August. As you prepare for your first semester at Notre Dame, key information related to your architecture courses is below. 

When you first start, you will need these supplies for your Graphics I course. To see your future required courses at a glance, please review the full curriculum for the architecture program. You have the opportunity to take a variety of electives to customize your education - see the complete list of recent electives here. You can view the destinations of our graduates over the past few years to help you as you consider your own future career. And here you can find a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

While all of campus will soon be home for you, as you progress in your studies you will spend more and more time in Walsh Family Hall. This video shows a glimpse of the newly constructed architecture building, a beautiful building that also serves as a pedagogical tool.



Whether you currently draw and paint or you are starting anew, you will be amazing at how quickly you learn skills in Graphics I. "Studies on Shades and Shadows: a reconstruction of the North Parthenon Frieze" is an example of first year student work completed under the tutelage of Professor Mazzone. Divided in 77 panels, the frieze was rendered by 75 first semester students in a span of three weeks. The work was realized with erasers removing graphite powder from a mylar sheet. Preserving the individual interpretation of each student, the panels display the first half of the North Parthenon frieze.