What's next?

Author: School of Architecture

Hugh Hochberg, President and Principal Consultant of The Coxe Group spoke to the School of Architecture in February about how dramatic economic changes have affected architectural practice. In the future, Hochberg said, practitioners can expect “an exciting picture, but not an entirely pretty picture.”

Known for straight talk, Hochberg identified the factors and trends that will influence the direction of architectural practices. Hochberg outlined what’s going well in architectural practice, such as the quality of work and greater integration with other disciplines. He then moved to the terrain of what could be improved and what needs to change. “When they’re at their best,” Hochberg asserted, “architects are catalysts.”

Young architects will face increasingly complex business costs. Hochberg pointed to insurance rates as an example. While insurance rates have increased by a factor of five, he said, the quality of coverage has decreased by a factor of two. “We need to increase our creativity not only in what we do, but in how we do it.”

For Hochberg’s full address, please listen to the podcast.