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Nomination Process

Guidelines for Open Nominations

Established in 2003, the Richard H. Driehaus Prize honors, promotes and encourages architectural excellence that applies the principles of traditional, classical and sustainable architecture and urbanism in contemporary society and environments. It is presented annually by the University of Notre Dame School of Architecture to an outstanding architect in recognition of their work.

Richard H. Driehaus, the founder and chairman of Driehaus Capital Management in Chicago, established the award program through Notre Dame because of its reputation as a national leader in incorporating the ideals of traditional and classical architecture into the task of modern urban development. In 2007, Mr. Driehaus announced that he was doubling the award to a $200,000 unrestricted prize.


  • Should be an architect with a distinguished career
  • Should be accomplished in the disciplines of Traditional or Classical Architecture and/or Urban Design
  • Should have designed structures and/or environments that create positive, long-lasting societal contributions (culturally, environmentally, artistically)
  • Should be an advocate of the traditional city and the public realm
  • Should emphasize sustainability and innovation

Submission Requirements:

  • Please submit a written biography  (maximum of 750 words)
  • Please submit a Chronological Project List
  • Please submit sixteen (16) jpg images at 300 dpi showing built work or professional design
  • Please submit a document that provides a caption  for each submitted image (up to 50 words)

Nominations for the 2023 Driehaus Prize should be submitted using the Driehaus Prize Nomination form.

Nominations for the 2023 prize must be submitted by October 1, 2022. 

To nominate yourself or another individual for the Henry Hope Reed Award, please submit a biography using the Henry Hope Reed Nomination form