Symposium: After Raphael


Location: Via Ostilia 15, Rome, Italy

Marking the 500th anniversary of his death, this symposium will consider the afterlife of Raphael’s achievement—in the words of the title of Robert Williams’ last book, the redefinition of art in Renaissance Italy. By bridging historical scholarship and contemporary practice, the symposium will mirror the artist’s achievement itself, which combined the study of antiquity with its revivification in modern art.

Co-sponsored by the University of Notre Dame Rome Global Gateway and the American Academy in Rome.

3-6 pm, Rome | 9 am-12 pm, EST


Prof. Heather Hyde Minor, Academic Director, University of Notre Dame Rome Global Gateway

Prof. Ingrid Rowland, University of Notre Dame (live streamed from campus)

D. Jeffrey Mims, Academy of Classical Design (live streamed from campus)

Prof. Olivier Bonfait, Université de Bourgogne

Prof. Adriano Aymonino, University of Buckingham

Prof. David Mayernik, University of Notre Dame School of Architecture

Concluding Remarks
John Ochsendorf, Director of the American Academy in Rome, Professor MIT


The symposium will be filmed and made available online following the event.