Aimee Buccellato, '00

Aimee Buccellato, '00

Associate Professor


A graduate of Harvard University’s School of Design, Prof. Buccellato is a partner of Buccellato Design, LLC, and is actively engaged in both practice and practice-based research. Prof. Buccellato teaches Introduction to Building Technology, upper-level undergraduate and graduate studios, and directed studies courses related to sustainable building design and building technology.

Professor Buccellato’s creative professional work includes internationally and nationally recognized built work and scholarly articles and papers on subjects related to her design and practice-centered research. Buccellato’s research is highly interdisciplinary, yet fundamentally focused on topics related to the Process of Design and building design optimization; and is motivated by questions and challenges in contemporary practice related to prevailing design methods and tools, and both the barriers to and opportunities for enhancing the architect’s ability to understand and mitigate the consequences of their design decisions on human health and the environment.

In 2009, Buccellato initiated The GreenScale Research Project (GSRP) to gain a deeper understanding of the broader ecological impacts of our design decisions – particularly those impacts related to the selection and assembly of materials and systems – and, more specifically, how those impacts on the environment and human health are currently measured and evaluated. Currently, core GSRP activities fall into two related research areas: the development of unique pattern languages – or ontologies – and data frameworks to accelerate the discovery and sharing of building design data and information; and the creation of enhanced decision-support tools.

Buccellato collaborates closely with the Environmental Change Initiative at ND through her sustained leadership in the design and masterplan of the Notre Dame Linked Experimental Ecosystem Facility – or ND- LEEF – a 29-acre, globally-unique research facility supporting critical climate and land use change research. Buccellato is the lead designer for ND-LEEF, which includes core research infrastructure in the form of terrestrial research plots and a series of man-made riparian watersheds (executed with engineer-of-record SmithGroupJJR). The full masterplan for ND-LEEF includes a campus of interactive, “living lab buildings” – research test-beds designed around the principles, tools, and technologies developed within and inspired by the GSRP and its collaborators.

Aimee P. C. Buccellato CV

Areas of Expertise

  • American Domestic Architecture
  • Architectural History and Theory
  • Architectural Technology/Building Technology
  • Residential Design
  • Sustainable Architecture and Urbanism

Recently Taught Courses

Design VIII/ ARCH 51121: Undergraduate Thesis Design

ARCH 41121 Design VI  

ARCH 67611 Special Research in Sustainable Design & Building Technology

ESTM 68302 Esteem Thesis Project

ALHN 48980 Senior Honors Thesis

CSE 30600 CSE Service Projects

ARCH 20411/ 60411 Introduction to Building Technology

ARCH 67611 Special Research in Sustainable Design & Building Technology

ARCH 81161 Terminal Design Studio

ARCH 71131 Design III  Integrative Design            

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