Reconquering Sacred Space

Edited by Professor Duncan Stroik

Reconquering Sacred Space 2000 (Il Bosco e La Nave, Rome), edited by Prof. Duncan Stroik, is the first book in over four decades to showcase the new Renaissance of Catholic architecture. Over 40 new sacred buildings and works of art are featured created by architects and artists from around the world. Reconquering Sacred Space is the book which accompanied the groundbreaking exhibition held in Rome in the Fall of 1999. Included in this book are essays on the tradition of classical architecture since WWII, the importance of symbolism and iconography, the limitations of abstract modernism, and the church in city planning. Dr. Denis McNamara writes that Reconquering Sacred Space “proves a very important foundation for future work, a critically important first step toward rediscovering how to make brick and stone and steel rise to a sacramental level, so that material things may manifestly represent the spiritual realities of the Church.”