Minor in Sustainability

Matthew Schaefer 17

The School of Architecture encourages its students to consider pursuing a Minor in Sustainability. In order to address the complex of global challenges facing us in areas such as the built environment, climate, water, poverty, and urbanization, new approaches and bold creativity are needed. At the same time, we have much to learn from traditional cultures and historical approaches to addressing human needs. Students majoring in Architecture are uniquely suited to address sustainability from these dual perspectives.

Alison Collins 14

The Sustainability Minor is open to students in all majors and colleges. The minor consists of a required gateway course called Sustainability: Principles and Practices (3 credit hours), three electives selected from an approved list (totaling 9 credit hours), and a capstone seminar (1 credit hour) and research project (2 credit hours). Visit sustainabilitystudies.nd.edu to learn more about courses, requirements for the minor, and examples of other students’ capstone projects.

“Sustainability—cultural and physical—should be a concern in all that we do,” says Professor Samantha Salden Teach. “The goal of this minor is to foster more holistic thinking about sustainability and to open greater avenues for interdisciplinary study, research, and discussion.”