Students in the University of Notre Dame School of Architecture immerse themselves in the principles of traditional and classical architecture and its application in the modern world. That means learning more than the basics of design and construction. It means emphasizing how people use everyday spaces—office buildings, homes, streets, parks, town squares, churches—that establish identity, define social relations, enhance the quality of life, and preserve the environment for posterity. Sustainability becomes not just a social necessity, but a moral imperative, in communities that residents cherish and seek to preserve. The principles of traditional architecture and urbanism that establish a sense of place and preserve communities are the basis of the School of Architecture’s philosophy. We at Notre Dame are training the next generation of leaders to recognize these values and to examine the role of architecture in creating and sustaining a built environment that is at once more functional, beautiful, and humane.

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The School of Architecture reaches out to professionals, community leaders and alumni through a variety of programs, which also give our students valuable practical experience.

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