Studio Publications

School of Architecture students participate in traveling studios, giving them practical experience finding solutions for cities across the globe struggling to maintain growth, sustainability, indigenous traditional architecture and community against urban challenges faced today.  Students analyze cities, neighborhoods, building typologies, architectural character and urban planning goals and synthesize what they learn into designs, design strategy and master plans for the community and local government. In addition to plans and analyses given to the community, the faculty and students of these urban design studios publish their work. Click on a particular studio publication for more details.

  • Lafayette (2013)

    Visions for Lafayette represents a holistic approach to urban design which considers faith, culture, education, and health as important aspects of the built environment which complement the customary social, political, and economic activities of a city.

  • Skaneateles (2010)

    The School of Architecture recently received top honors from the 11th annual Congress for the New Urbanism Charter Awards for the urban-design studio master plan Strategies for Sustainable Skaneateles.

  • Ventura (2009)

    2009 Ventura Vision represents work undertaken subsequent to that charrette and proposes images of and guidelines for both present and long-term development in Ventura’s historic center and along its waterfront.

  • Northampton (2008)

    Envisioning Sustainable Northampton was commissioned by the Northampton Design Forum (NDF) in the summer of 2008, executed between September and early December of 2008 as an academic exercise by graduate architecture and urban design students from the University of Notre Dame.

  • Cooperstown (2007)

    The Plan for Cooperstown reflects the work that University of Notre Dame School of Architecture's Urban Design Studio produced to envision the city's future possibilities.

  • Lewis University (2006)

    Undertaken for a southwest suburban Will County, Illinois academic institution, The Lewis University Campus Plan and Traditional Village District Proposal addresses campus design, mixed-use village development, and landscape preservation for the fastest growing Catholic university in metropolitan Chicago.