Acroterion is a yearly publication produced by the School of Architecture that demonstrates the best of refinement and design.

The 2009–2010 issue  of Acroterion revisits Daniel Burnham's 1909 Plan of Chicago. Just as the Plan called for creating a better city, the School of Architecture at the University of Notre Dame is committed to teaching architectural and urban design practices that enhance the quality of life through sustainable design, sound construction methods, and rational planning principles. This issue examines the way that student projects at Notre Dame transcend their specific sites even as they represent traditional architectural and urban values that establish a sense of local identity and preserve the communities that sustain us. Like Burnham's Plan of Chicago, this issue explores the innovative ways classical and traditional architecture and urban design can contribute to a more orderly, beautiful, and humane urban environment.

Acroterion is available for purchase on the Architecture Store.