The School of Architecture faculty is made up of a distinct group of practicing architects and academics whose areas of expertise range from Ancient Roman and Greek Architecture to Architectural Theory to Technology, Construction Methodology, and Furniture Design. Our faculty members are encouraged to continue their research and practice while teaching at the School so that students receive the most well-rounded and practical education possible. Recent studios have both an international and national focus, with professors taking students to Havana, Ecuador, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Spain, Vienna, Athens, China, Washington, D.C., Las Vegas, New Orleans, and Chicago—giving students a variety of opportunities to learn and discover diverse architectural styles and traditions.


  • Bob Brandt

    Professor and Professional Specialist

    Thinking three-dimensionally makes students better architects. You have to think three-dimensionally when drawing two dimensionally. For some people, it is a God-given talent, for others it is not.

  • Dennis Doordan

    Associate Dean of Research

    Dennis Doordan, a popular professor who teaches a variety of courses on the history of architecture and design in the modern era, became the School of Architecture's first Associate Dean of Research on July 1.

  • Krupali Krusche

    Associate Professor

    For more than 400 years, the Taj Mahal has mesmerized millions of people with its detailed majesty as one of the greatest triumphs of humankind.

  • Steven Semes

    Associate Professor

    Associate Professor Steven Semes says his interest in traditional architecture began during his youth in the southern Florida community of Coral Gables, which was developed as a “traditional new town” in the 1920s.


  • Michael Lykoudis headshot

    Michael Lykoudis

    Francis and Kathleen Rooney Dean and Professor

  • _blj0096_1

    John W. Stamper

    Associate Dean and Director of Undergraduate Studies

  • _blj0032_1

    Dennis Doordan

    Associate Dean of Research, Scholarship and Creative Work and Professor

  • Rev

    Rev. Richard S. Bullene, C.S.C.

    Assistant Dean and Associate Professional Specialist

  • _blj0069_1Samantha L. Salden Teach

    Assistant Dean for Graduate Studies

  • Krupali Krusche

    Krupali Krusche

    Academic Director, Rome Studies Program

  • Jennifer Hoover profile

    Jennifer Hoover '93

    Director of Finance and Operations

  • _blj0106_1Mary Beth Zachariades

    Communications Program Director


  • Jennifer Hoover profile

    Jennifer Hoover '93

    Director of Finance and Operations

  • _blj0023_1Barbara Panzica

    Executive Administrator

  • Faculty Placeholder Image

    Cindy DuBree

    Business Manager

  • mattmoney_staff

    Matthew Money

    Events Associate

  • _blj0040Bernardine (Bernie) Stein

    Sr. Administrative Assistant & Facilities Coordinator

  • Faculty Placeholder Image

    Monica Henry '08

    Special Projects Coordinator

  • _blj0100_1Caroline Maloney '12, '13, '14

    Undergraduate Academic Coordinator

  • _blj0102_1Carol Kraus

    Academic Coordinator - Graduate Program and Research, Scholarship & Creative Work

  • _blj0111_1Michelle Ann Gantt

    Faculty & Staff Assistant

  • _blj0106_1Mary Beth Zachariades

    Communications Program Director

  • Will Bruckert Image

    Will Bruckert '02

    IT Solutions Consultant

  • Faculty Placeholder Image

    Ryan Maure

    IT Solutions Consultant

  • Pamela

    Pamela Graham

    Administrative Assistant - Rome

  • Andrea

    Andrea D'Agostini

    Administrative Assistant - Rome