Visualizing and Understanding Rome: Analysis and Synthesis


Location: The Bond Hall Auditorium

Colloquium for Rome-bound and Returning Students

April 1

1:00 pm - 5:30 pm
Bond Hall Auditorium

Detailed Schedule

1:15  Welcome     Michael Lykoudis

1:30 Lessons for Students
        John Stamper: History of the ND SoA Rome Program
        Samantha Salden Teach: Foundations: Learning to Look with an Architect's Eyes
        Richard Economakis: Architectural Analysis: Type, Precedent and Form

2:45  Break

3:00 Keynote Address
        Michael Dennis: Ecology, Architecture, and Urbanism; Five Easy Research Pieces 1965 – 2016

4:00 Break

4:15  Analysis, Precedent 
        David Mayernik: The Two Faces of Piazza Navona; Or, Not Everything is Worth Analyzing
        Steven Peterson: The Idea of PSD in the Analysis of Urban Form

5:15  Break

5:30  Panel Discussion: Samir Younés, Moderator 
        Michael Dennis
        Richard Economakis
        David Mayernik
        Steven Peterson
        Samantha Salden Teach

6:45  Panel Concludes

April 2

9:00 am - 1:00 pm
Bond Hall Auditorium

Detailed Schedule

8:30  Coffee and pastries for all participants

9:00  Analyzing Rome 
        James Tice: The Micro-Urbanism of Rome 
        Michael Schwarting: Analyzing Rome
        Samir Younes: The Formation of Piazza Navona

10:30  Break

10:45 Lessons for Modernity and Contemporary Practice
        Judy DiMaio: Close Reads: Looking Backwards and Forwards in Time 
        David Mayernik: Translating the Lessons of Rome: Space and Type in Surrey and Ticino 
        Barbara Littenberg: A Modern Practice: History and Modernity in Urban Design

12:15  Panel Discussion: Richard Economakis, Moderator
        Judy DiMaio
        Barbara Littenberg
        David Mayernik
        Michael Schwarting  
        James Tice 
        Samir Younés

1:00  Concluding Remarks  Michael Lykoudis

Presenters:  Michael Dennis, Judy DiMaio, Richard Economakis, Barbara Littenberg, Michael Lykoudis, David Mayernik, Steven Peterson, Samantha Salden Teach, John Stamper, James Tice, J. Michael Schwarting, Samir Younés