Ann Forsyth Lecture: Holistic Aging: the Role of Place


Location: 104 Bond Hall

Lecture Summary


Holistic Aging: In the current century the world’s population will age significantly. By 2030 single person households will be one third to one half of households in countries such as Japan, England, Germany, and France in part due to aging. This poses challenges at many scales including the neighborhood. From access to healthy food, social networks, physical supports, and a sense of purpose the neighborhood has a role to play. Focusing on the role of the physical environment in fostering health in later life—its potential and limits—the talk lays out an agenda for a multi-dimensional approach from the environmental design fields. 



Trained in planning and architecture, Ann Forsyth is a professor of urban planning at the Harvard Graduate School of Design.  She works mainly on the social aspects of physical planning and urban development. The big issue behind her research and practice is how to make more sustainable and healthy cities. She is author or co-author of three books and over 170 refereed and magazine articles, chapters, monographs, and book reviews; in addition dozens of professional reports, reprints, and works in other media . She has won over fifty awards, citations, and fellowships for individual and collaborative professional and research work.