Leon Krier Lecture: Le Corbusier after Le Corbusier


Location: 104 Bond Hall

"Le Corbusier after Le Corbusier"
Le Corbusier is the most influential architect of the XXth century. He is currently being celebrated by large exhibitions around the world and literally divinized by architectural critics and historians. He is more influential now than during his lifetime. His general theory of a New Architecture and Urbanism are according to Krier at once profoundly inspiring and profoundly flawed. Though recognizing the architect’s enormous artistic and visionary talent, Krier proposes a revolutionnary reading and revision of the LC Corpus. His critique is organised in three themes. Le Corbusier Translated: Le Corbusier Completed: Le Corbusier Corrected. These themes are based on the hypothesises that
a. if there is quality in his work and thinking, those qualities are universal and can be translated into and delivered by traditional architectural means, 
b. if there is an architectural language, it is incomplete and ought to be completed, 
c. if there are conceptual errors they need be addressed and corrected. 



LEON KRIER Consultant Architecture Urbanism Design; author, teacher. Born 1946 Luxembourg City. Stuttgart University 1967-68. Worked with James Stirling 1968-74. Theorist promoting the technological, ecological and social rationality and modernity of traditional urbanism and architecture summarized in “The Architecture of Community-2009.” Considered “Godfather” of the “New Urbanism” movement. Since 1988, masterplans the New Town of Poundbury for The Prince of Wales, since 2003 the Cayala development in Guatemala. Visiting Professor at Yale School of Architecture. Inaugural Richard H. Driehaus Architecture Prize winner in 2003.