Building Traditional in the 21st Century


Location: 104 Bond Hall

Ernesto Buch is the founder and principal of Ernesto Buch Architect, Inc., a firm specializing in traditional and classical architecture and urbanism, will lecture on "Building Traditional in the 21st Century."
Born in Cuba, and subsequently immigrating to Miami, Ernesto was exposed at a young age to various physical environments and architecture that eventually lead him to his interest in traditional architecture and urbanism. His passion led him to earn a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from Case Western Reserve University, a Bachelor of Architecture from University of Miami and a Master of Architecture in Urban Design from Harvard University.

Throughout his career Ernesto has been extremely fortunate to work on many exciting projects with various talent in the fields of architecture and urbanism. Highlights include working with Andrés Duany and Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk on the Master Plan and Code for the Town of Seaside Florida. During this period, Ernesto designed numerous houses and civic buildings for Seaside, most notably the Tupelo Street Beach Pavilion (pictured), which has become an icon for "The Little Beach Town That Made a Big Difference". In recent years Ernesto and the firm have been involved in designing and completing numerous projects within the Dominican Republic, Miami and the Bahamas, primarily focusing on private residences in the Classical Tradition.