Watch the Richard H. Driehaus Lecture from November 11th, 2015

Precedent: Its Importance & Its Practice, presented by 2015 Driehaus Prize Laureate, David M. Schwarz:


Watch the lecture from November 9th, 2015: Designing Healthy Communities, presented by Dr. Richard J. Jackson:


Watch the John Burgee Lecture from October 28th, 2015: Evolution, Neuroscience and the Future of Design, presented by Harry Mallgrave:


Watch the previous lecture from October 7th, 2015: Geometry: Key to Beauty in 21st Century Architecture, presented by Jon Allen:


Watch the lecture from September 30th, 2015: Working With Tradition: Observation, Understanding and Innovation, presented by Hugh Petter:


Watch the lecture from September 23rd, 2015: The Stories of Contemporary Chinese Architecture, presented by Jia: