Summer Programs

Sevilla Summer Program

Students of the School of Architecture are welcome to participate in a summer program in Sevilla.

June 18 - July 2, 2016

The University of Notre Dame School of Architecture will take part in the Sevilla Summer Program that includes The University of Alcalà, the University of Alfonso X, and the University of Miami.

There will be eight students from each university. 

Given the varied backgrounds of participants, Professor Younés and Professor Steil will prepare a schematic masterplan that will then be developed to greater detail by the group.

The School of Architecture has received a grant from the Nanovic Institute for European Studies that pays $1,200 per student for travel expenses. The grant will support all eight of our students.

Through the School's contacts in Seville, we have received the free use of studio space. We are working on getting reduced fees for hotel accommodations (between Euros 30 and 50) per night; however, students are responsible for covering their expenses for hotel, meals, incidentals.

Students interested in the Sevilla Summer Program should compose a short text (one or two pages) that elaborates on their pedagogical goals, and how they see the relationship between architecture and urbanism. Also, please include a brief C.V., and samples of design work ––up to five plates. Please send the material in one file via email to Prof. Younés and Prof. Steil, by January 31.

Prof. Samir Younés -
Prof. Lucien Steil -