Richard H. Driehaus Prize

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Images of Scott Merrill's work, click on each image to download a high resolution file. All images are courtesy of Merrill Pastor & Colgan Architects, and the photographer must be credited if listed. 








Seaside Chapel, view of the precinct from the south. By the time the chapel was built, Seaside houses had co-opted classical architecture and so the chapel monumentalizes the simple, unpretentious language that Robert Davis had imagined for the town.










Rosemary Beach Town Hall, view from the south end of the green. The challenge was to find an economical way to give the small modest public building a presence among larger commercial buildings.









Windsor Town Center, store lawn with the post office on the left and the store loggia on the right. Two of seven classical building types that form public gardens at the entrance to a village of several hundred houses. Carlos Domenech Photography.













Windsor Town Center.










House at Shelburne Farms, view from the northwest. Shelburne Farms is known for its barns. This house, tucked behind trees and hidden from the public parts of the larger property, encloses a small courtyard formed by the main house, barn and guest house. Gary Hall Photography
















Honeymoon Cottages, view east along the top of the dunes. These 14 foot wide, triple square buildings provide gulf views to the houses immediately behind them. ©Steven Brooke Studios










Saudi Arabia Housing, aerial perspective of the largest of several housing prototypes. Each prototype has several floors of apartments over ground floor commercial space and sub-grade parking. The massing on this building mitigates its size.













Al Ain Train Station, dusk perspective of the boulevard elevation. Part of a redevelopment counterproposal comprising 1.9 million total square feet, this high speed rail station was to connect Al Ain with Dubai and Abu Dhabi.






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